Saturday, August 30, 2008



I am so blessed to have two perfect children! They are already best friends in so many ways, today I dropped Noah off at my mothers house for just a little while and I took Ethan with me to the store and he was so sad that Noah wasn't coming with us. He kept saying "Noah, Noah where's Noah". I actually almost started crying, must be those hormones I'm coming down off of. Anyway it's so sweet to see Ethan with Noah, he is so soft and gentle with him and with most kids you have to tell them to be soft over and over again.

I took Ethan to get his 3 Year old b-day pictures and I decided to get a few with Noah as well, I made this little collage of both of them because they turned out so cute!


  1. Check out those handsome boys! I love that Ethan is so sweet with Noah and even worries about him when he isn't with you. He's looking out for his little brother already.

  2. So cute! What sweet little boys! Looks like Ethan is going to take such good care of his little brother. How fun!

  3. Annette, Wow, it has been forever. So good to see you! You and your family are adorable. I love reconnecting through blogs, its so great!


  4. Awwww, they are so cute Annette!!! Don't you just LOVE boys? They are so crazy and yet so sweet!