Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Ethan's First Day Of Preschool!
Ethan started preschool on Monday and I can't believe it. It was hard for me to let him go in so many ways but he is loving it and getting so much out of it as well. I think my biggest concern was letting him ride a school bus to and from school with out me. Today was his first day on the bus and he loved it and I felt a lot more comfortable meeting the drivers. Their are no kid older then 4years old that ride the bus and they have 1 to 2 Ta's to take care of the kids and he has a seat belt harness that he's in... All these things have made me calm down a little bit, but it sure is hard to let go. He is all smiles when he goes to school and he's all smiles when he comes home, I know he is getting so much from it already, he just loves it.
I'm so proud of Ethan!


  1. He look like a little man! So cute.. Love him and can't wait to see you guys in two weeks.. Tiff

  2. Oh, fun! It's hard to believe he's in preschool!