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DAY ZERO - 7/25/2008

So, I've decided to do a body cleanse, and I'm starting the 26th of July 2008! Some people may wonder why a guy like me would choose to do a cleanse, as most people do something like this to lose a lot of weight. I'm not someone who needs to lose a lot of weight, though dropping a few pounds would be nice, and I am hoping to achieve that goal. The purpose of cleansing though is actually to remove a lot of harmful toxins from the body that have accumulated throughout your lifetime from various sources in the air we breathe, water we drink, and food we eat, among other sources. That is the real purpose of cleansing; to detoxify our bodies and take control of our health and wellness. However, it does have the amazing, positive, side effects of weight loss (sometimes massive), and an amazing boost of energy that lasts all day without the spikes and falls that you experience from caffeine or other stimulants like ma huang or ephedra, and other things.

Most diets don't work for people in the long run because they don't rid the body of the harmful toxins; they only burn off the fat. The fat, however, that many of us gain is put there by our bodies to store those toxins away in order to protect our bodies against them. That's why most people re-gain the weight they lost from some fad diet, but with cleansing our system and de-toxifying ourselves of these impurities regularly, the body doesn't find that need to pack the fat back on!

I've done some research on cleansing and talked to a few people in the cleansing business to find out what would be the benefits of a guy like me doing a cleanse, and which type of cleanse I should participate in. I was introduced to the Isagenix Cleansing & fat burning system by a close friend of mine and have decided I'm going to give it a try! It is a colon, liver, kidney, blood, and lymphatic system cleanse with no harsh stimulants. Unlike a lot of cleanses the whole body, not just the colon or one other system. They have different packages or systems that you can do. For example, there is a 30-day kit and a 9-day kit. Because I'm slightly skeptic about it in the first place, and because I don't feel like I need a 30-day cleanse, I will be doing the 9-day cleanse.

What I am hoping will happen during this process is first and foremost to regain back the energy I had when I was twenty years old. I'd also like to lose 5 pounds or more if possible, and an inch or so off my waist.So, it's not a "diet" in the contemporary sense of the word, because I'm not doing this specifically to lose a lot of weight. And it's definately not a "fad diet" either. However, it is a diet in the sense that I'm taking control of what I put in my body, what I'm hoping to rid my body of, and because I'm doing something that promotes my overall health and well-being. I will update this blog on a day by day basis, writing about how I feel, how the product's taste, what they cost, how much I weigh, my waist size measurements, body fat percentages, how much energy I do or don't have, what kind of food cravings I've had, and any other aspect imaginable during the cleanse. I will also post some before and after pictures to track my progress.To see the video documentary/ video journal I'm making during this process...please go to or see them in my videos section here on Facebook!!Here I go!!! _____________________________________________________________

DAY THREE - 7/28/2008

So, I finished my first two days which were Pre-Cleanse days...I got home from work early this morning and weighed and mesaured myself. HOLY COW!!! I've lost 7 pounds and 1.5" off my waist!! This is crazy. I sure did not expect that. I feel energized and surprisingly I have had NO hunger cravings at all...I'm not starving! This is really cool, and I'm feeling this way without any caffeine, red bull, rockstar, or any other stimulants!! The only hard thing for me is that my brain wants to chew more food. When people eat around me...I want to eat too because that's been my habit for years, but it's not because I'm that makes it easy to resist. Now I'm on my actual cleanse days for today and tommorrow and will report more then!______________________________________________________________

DAY FIVE - 7/30/2008

RESULTS: WOW!!! So, the last two days were my actual "cleanse" days and I just weighed myself this morning on day 5. Wondering my results? Good, because I'm so excited to share that I've now lost a total of 10 lbs and 2" off my waist and 3.5" off my gut area by measuring at the belly button around my body. All this in ONLY FOUR DAYS!! This is amazing, and I feel amazing. I'm so shocked. My original expectation was to lose about 4 to 5 pounds, but now I've done double that! HA HA. I can't help but be excited about this.

CHALLENGES: So, how about the products? Well, I'll be honest...I'm very excited to be back to my "shake" days now because the cleanse days were a little bit more trying than the shake days. When I'm on shake days I feel more energy and I also feel like I have more substance in my body. Now, I was NEVER "hungry" and never felt like I was starving, on cleanse or shake days, and I wouldn't say either of them are "hard" but the shake days are a little bit easier than cleanse days. I've just had 28 years of habit of always having substance in my stomach and GI tract, that it's almost a hard habit to break.

TASTE: The products are not gross, they are not bad, they are not disgusting. The products on my shake days are chocolate flavored, and are very good. They are like any other protein shake on the market as far as flavor goes, but I'd say they are even a little bit better tasting and easier to consume. The Whey protein in the IsaShakes is the highest grade protein you can find in the world. It comes only from Australia and New Zealand because it comes from only organically fed cows versus our chemically and hormonally raised cows here in the States. The energy I feel is amazing, the weight I've released shocks me, the fact that I'm never starving on this cleanse just excites me so much!I'll keep reporting more as the cleanse continues. From here on I've got shake days for the next five days, and then two more cleanse days, and then I'm done.Watch the videos too, I talk alot about the products and how I do the cleanse!Stay tuned!!______________________________________________________________

FINAL RESULTS!! - 8/6/2008

Okay everyone, here it is. I just finished my Isagenix 11 day cleanse and I've lost a total of 14.5 pounds, 2" off my waist, 3.5" off my gut, and 2% body fat!! AMAZING!!

I feel AMAZING! I've gone from a size 36 to a 34 and it feels so cool to be able to pull my belt loops that much further and I can see abdominal muscles that I knew were there before but couldn't see! WOW!This has definately been a great experience for me and I know I did something absolutely right for my overall health and wellness and now I feel like I'm 18 years old again with my energy levels and my core health!

Please look at my before and after pictures, read my blogs, and watch my videos! If anyone is interested in doing this cleanse or has any other questions or things I have not yet addressed, please talk to me! I'm really excited about it!
Remember to check out all my Cleansing Video Documentaries at
This one is the last in my series, talking about my final results!

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