Saturday, August 6, 2011

Okay so....Yep...I'm finally Blogging!

Well...Here is our recent family picture's. I know its been 18 months since my last What can I say life's been busy. Joshua Bowen Wassom is the newest member to our family and we all just can't get enough of him.  I love that our family is growing and I'm so thankful that they are all healthy and happy.... I'm also so grateful for supportive friends and for Jason's family, It's such a relief when you have the help you need when a new baby come's into your life. 

Jason, is doing awesome, he is loving the Fire Department and we are very grateful for his position. 
Ethan, is going into kindergarten again this year to give him a head start for the future and he is so excited...He loves his teacher. 
Noah, is growing ways to fast...But he is still not potty trained...AHHH. Hopefully soon.
Joshua is starting to scoot around the house with his knee's, so he is just around the corner from crawling. I can't believe how FAST they Grow!!!
And as for me...My business is doing awesome, we are going full force with advertising this coming year and I'm also adding eyelash extensions to the menu and I'm so excited for them.... I LOVE, LOVE mine:) 

Liz Bowles is our photographer and let me tell you my boys have never been so grumpy doing family pictures, but they really were such little turds..:) and She still captured more then one good picture for us... She seriously is amazing:). So, if you book pictures with her anytime before the end of the year, I will give you $20 dollars OFF your Eyelash Extension appointment with me.... Its a win win...Get glamorous with lashes and, Vogue'd with Pictures... You can't loose:) Thank's for reading!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Thursday, October 8, 2009

WARNING....Lots of Pics and way behind on blogging!

Disneyland Was so much fun. Our time share was awesome, the kids had a blast and we ran the Disneyland 5K and Half Marathon. I think we will be making this a yearly tradition.
The Red Carpet Event with the Crew "stop drop & shop"
If any of you are interested in seeing the promo pilot, just let me know I'll send you the link.

My Very First Marathon 26.2 miles... I ran the St. Geaoge Marathon, It's crazy I thought it would be my first and last marathon but now I'm not so sure...It was actually so much FUN, and I'm proof- If I can do it ANYONE can!