Saturday, August 30, 2008


Just For Fun!!!

I have had so many people tell me in the last month how much Ethan looks like the little boy who plays Ray off of "Jerry Maguire"... I remember watching Jerry Maguire for the first time years ago thinking "oh my gosh that kid is so cute, I hope my little boy looks as cute"... Well since I've had so many people comment on how much they look alike I decide to take a picture of Ethan wearing Jason's old glasses and post it.... I also thought It would be fun to see what Ethan may look like when he gets older... Hence the pictures of Jonathan lipnicki in 2007... It's always so much fun to envision what your kids might look like when they get older!

It's crazy because my sister called me up one night telling me that she thought the kid from Jerry Maguire looks like Jason now that he's all grown up and I can definitely see similarities, So who knows this could be how Ethan will look one day but of course I think he'll be even more handsome...He's definitely his fathers son.

Jonathan lipnicki 2007


  1. Let's just hope Ethan doesn't wear a bolo tie with his shirt unbuttoned. :) I can totally see the resemblance!

  2. Annette, this post is fun....yes Ethan kind of look like that kid except that Ethan is cuter........It seems like he had a fun birthday...happy belated.

  3. I love it! He looks just like him.. I can't wait to give both of the cuties big kisses.. Love ya, Tiff

  4. There are some similarities that Tim and I saw. I like Gina's comment A LOT about that photo - what was he thinking?!