Thursday, August 14, 2008


I have started to potty train Ethan again, we started training when he was 2 and he was doing so good and then he just decided to stop for some reason. We were trying to get him to sleep in the big boy bed and with the new baby coming the doctor said it could be too much all at once for him. But we are starting it up again and so far he's doing pretty good, I'm trying to make it fun for him by giving him a sticker every time he goes potty on the potty and once he fills up a row of box's he gets a treat. We will see how things progress, gosh they grow so fast and this part is pretty difficult. I am allowing him to ware big boy underwear half the day and I let him run around naked as well to try and persuade him to go on the potty...Yes...we're having lost of accidents... I would love to get some advice on anything else I could be doing to make this transition easier.
Any Advice is!


I can't seem to stop taking picture's of Noah and by some of his facial expressions, I think he'd like me to!

I can't stop laughing
at this picture!

Ethan couldn't stop giggling as he tried to play with Noah.


  1. I love this photo's! The photo's of Ethan on the pot is so funny.. We can't wait to see him and love him up.. Love you, Tiff

  2. Good luck with potty training! When you get it all figured out, then you can tell me what works! :)

  3. I love his facial expression. They are too cute! As for Ethan, good luck. With Ethan, I think you are doing the right thing and know it is going to take time!

  4. just a few suggestions, potty treats, something he loves and doesnt get often, to make him feel really special for doing a good job each time he goes in the potty. Also, I let my boys just run around in undies for a week at home and just put them on the potty regularly and ask them if they need to go. Its never easy, William is proving to be the most challenging in this area. HAppy potty training, once hes out hes out for good, YEAH!!! I love funny faces, what a cutie!