Sunday, August 10, 2008



Noah just turned 5 weeks old and I can not believe how time is just flying. The baby blessing was today and it was just beautiful. Jason gave Noah an incredible blessing, his word were so profound! Its so wonderful to here those blessings on our little ones. It was a really important day to me, its not every day you get to see your husband give your child a blessing as sweet as that! We had a small luncheon afterward and it was so lovely to celebrate with our good friends and family.

Little Noah sleeping away in his baby blessing outfit!

Loving up our little man!
No one wanted to put Noah down at the luncheon.
Well, I started cutting into the cake before we took the picture..oops I had a scripture put on it I hope you all can read it!
Family !
Scarfing down on some yummy cake...any chance he can get!
This was so special to me...Noah wore Jason's booties from when he was a baby for the baby blessing, Ethan wore them for his blessing as well. We hope to make it a tradition in our family
Some of Jason's good buddies...Ryan (left), Marcus (right).

Noah looked really cute in his blessing outfit...It was cotton and looks old fashion, he really was so sweet in it...He didn't really ware that had it didn't fit him as you can see but I had to get pictures with him waring it!:)
NOAH'S Birth announcement!!!
Just want to thank everyone for their support....we are so blessed to have such good friends and family!


  1. He looks so sweet in that outfit! I can't wait to love him up.. And he is getting big fast too.. Love ya, Tif

  2. The blessing was beautiful. We were so glad we could be there. He is so sweet in his little blessing outfit; love the shoes!

  3. I hope that i can meet Noah soon. When are you coming to visit Tif? I love the blessing outfit. Noah is a beautiful baby

  4. Annette, Noah is so beautiful. I love the baby blessing announcement card. What a perfect day for you guys.

  5. Annette, he is so beautiful! I can't believe he is already 5 weeks old! (I better get our boy blessed!) You look gorgeous - you have such a beautiful family! I can't wait to meet the little one! (and I am going to come visit one of these days.)

  6. Congrats! I too, love his outfit.