Saturday, March 21, 2009

24.5 POUNDS and a total of 20.5" GONE, GONE, GONE!

I am so so very HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!! I can't say it enough I am so grateful for my weight loss progress. I got rid of the pregnancy weight!!! YAY!!!

It's been very hard on me being so over weight even if it was pregnancy weight!

After Ethan was born I felt and looked unrecognizable, I had gained 70 pounds with Ethan and I was so miserable with the way I looked after he was born that I decided to train for a half marathon to get the weight off. It took me 10 months but I did get the weigh off. It was a great experience but really rough running with so much weight

I gained 45 pounds with Noah not as much as it was with Ethan, but just as hard to deal with... When Jason became a cleansing coach and I saw his amazing results, he then coached my sister through a cleanse and I saw her amazing results, I knew I wanted to do the cleanse, I just wanted to be able to breastfeed for at least 6 months. I started the cleanse end of January and I was able to loose the weight in 5 weeks. I am so grateful for where I am and how I feel. Here's to living a healthy life! Living Cleansed:)

My Before Weight! My After Weight!
My Before JEANS!!!
MY GOAL JEANS (size 8), I actually hung these jeans up on my wall in my bedroom to motivate anyone who came over and saw them always questioned why I had a pair of jeans hanging on my wall. But Now I'm wearing them!!!

Me in my old size 14

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My sister Tiffany and my cutie pie niece Katie came to visit us for a week this last week. It was so lovely having them here. We had a week together to just hang out and spend time together. I already miss her and Ethan and Noah already miss Katie... Ethan keeps putting Katie in his prayers, and saying please bring her back, it's so sweet. We miss them All ready!!!

Katie and Noah

Katie, Noah and Ethan
Ethan was so excited to be around his cousin and take pictures.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


My BIRTHDAY was on Saturday Yay...I'm 27, actually I never thought that number would ever scare me, even though I know I'm still young and I have a lot to learn in this life. Its still scary thinking I'm only three years away from the big THREE-O. I know 30 is still young but, I just cant help but think how old I thought it was when I was 16 yrs old:)

I'm doing a cleanse right now and it is awesome and its been the best thing for me...I have lost 14 lbs so far and I'm very grateful.... Although it's been really hard making it through Valentines and my birthday with out eating everything I want... On my birthday I wanted to make all of my favorite foods even though I didn't eat Not even a piece of cake, I just kept telling my self I'll have other birthdays so let THEM EAT CAKE... I was told it was yummy food though, Jason helped a lot in the kitchen.
This is my favorite dessert from Macaroni Grill. The Lemon passion cake! Yummy! (copy cat recipe on my recipe blog)

California Eggs Benedict.( This is my FAVORITE way to eat EGGS)
I love chili's Southwestern Egg rolls and I decided to make them at home they are much easier then they look... If you haven't had them ether make them or make sure you go to chilies and try them.

I saved some CAKE and I've frozen it in hope of eating it in the future, we'll see how that goes... It was a pretty good day, I was pretty disappointed when my sister had to cancel on me, she was going to take Ethan over night but the kids were good and my mother watched them for a few hours for us, it all worked out fine, I loved being with Jason, He got the day off for me and he got me the book I wanted for my birthday and took me out to the movies...