Saturday, August 30, 2008



I am so blessed to have two perfect children! They are already best friends in so many ways, today I dropped Noah off at my mothers house for just a little while and I took Ethan with me to the store and he was so sad that Noah wasn't coming with us. He kept saying "Noah, Noah where's Noah". I actually almost started crying, must be those hormones I'm coming down off of. Anyway it's so sweet to see Ethan with Noah, he is so soft and gentle with him and with most kids you have to tell them to be soft over and over again.

I took Ethan to get his 3 Year old b-day pictures and I decided to get a few with Noah as well, I made this little collage of both of them because they turned out so cute!


Just For Fun!!!

I have had so many people tell me in the last month how much Ethan looks like the little boy who plays Ray off of "Jerry Maguire"... I remember watching Jerry Maguire for the first time years ago thinking "oh my gosh that kid is so cute, I hope my little boy looks as cute"... Well since I've had so many people comment on how much they look alike I decide to take a picture of Ethan wearing Jason's old glasses and post it.... I also thought It would be fun to see what Ethan may look like when he gets older... Hence the pictures of Jonathan lipnicki in 2007... It's always so much fun to envision what your kids might look like when they get older!

It's crazy because my sister called me up one night telling me that she thought the kid from Jerry Maguire looks like Jason now that he's all grown up and I can definitely see similarities, So who knows this could be how Ethan will look one day but of course I think he'll be even more handsome...He's definitely his fathers son.

Jonathan lipnicki 2007

Sunday, August 24, 2008


WOW...Ethan Is 3 years old!!!

I can't believe it! How the time flies, Ethan's birthday was on Friday the 22nd of August. In a way it feels like just yesterday I was bringing him home from the hospital and figuring out how to be a new mommy.

Ethan is such a sweet little spirit, I can't believe Heavenly father has in trusted me with this little angel. How he has changed my life, it is so beautiful to know what my purpose in life is. I don't think I ever truly understood how being a mother was going to be the most difficult thing ever and the most amazingly rewarding thing I will ever do in my life. Ethan is so very precious to me and just so perfect. I thank God for him every day.

We had a birthday party for Ethan on Saturday and we all had a blast!

Ethan chomping away at his food...By the end of the day his white shirt was covered in red fruit punch.

I decided to make my very first birthday cake for Ethan...I bought cakes for his last two birthdays and lots of people had complaints about the taste. So I decided I would finally make one this year and I always wanted to be the kind of mother that made really cute birthday cake's for her kids. I just didn't think I'd be able to do it.... But I went ahead and tried and to my amazement it turned out better then even I thought it would! So this year was Ethan's very first homemade birthday cake and everyone loved it. I was so happy about that! I decided to go with a frog theme and I made cupcakes with sugar cookies as the Lilly pads and froggie eyes popping up out of the water. Anyway it was fun to make and I'm glad that Ethan loved it and everyone loved the taste!

Ethan loves blowing out candles, so this year was so much fun for him....He of course got the very first piece of birthday cake!

Well, there is the fruit punch I was talking He loved opening his gifts everyone brought really nice gifts...Ethan got so excited about opening a card he received.

My good friend Gina got him the toy laptop and he just loves it so much that when we brought out his new bike he barely noticed it....I think he will grow into it!

We had a bouncer castle that we bought for Ethan's party last year and the kids just loved it so we pulled it out again this year we had the pools out with spray guns and water balloons... It was a lot of fun. After Ethan's birthday we went to Jason's work party which was another pool party so Ethan really was able to enjoy a lot of sun . It was a wonderful day!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I have started to potty train Ethan again, we started training when he was 2 and he was doing so good and then he just decided to stop for some reason. We were trying to get him to sleep in the big boy bed and with the new baby coming the doctor said it could be too much all at once for him. But we are starting it up again and so far he's doing pretty good, I'm trying to make it fun for him by giving him a sticker every time he goes potty on the potty and once he fills up a row of box's he gets a treat. We will see how things progress, gosh they grow so fast and this part is pretty difficult. I am allowing him to ware big boy underwear half the day and I let him run around naked as well to try and persuade him to go on the potty...Yes...we're having lost of accidents... I would love to get some advice on anything else I could be doing to make this transition easier.
Any Advice is!


I can't seem to stop taking picture's of Noah and by some of his facial expressions, I think he'd like me to!

I can't stop laughing
at this picture!

Ethan couldn't stop giggling as he tried to play with Noah.

Sunday, August 10, 2008



Noah just turned 5 weeks old and I can not believe how time is just flying. The baby blessing was today and it was just beautiful. Jason gave Noah an incredible blessing, his word were so profound! Its so wonderful to here those blessings on our little ones. It was a really important day to me, its not every day you get to see your husband give your child a blessing as sweet as that! We had a small luncheon afterward and it was so lovely to celebrate with our good friends and family.

Little Noah sleeping away in his baby blessing outfit!

Loving up our little man!
No one wanted to put Noah down at the luncheon.
Well, I started cutting into the cake before we took the picture..oops I had a scripture put on it I hope you all can read it!
Family !
Scarfing down on some yummy cake...any chance he can get!
This was so special to me...Noah wore Jason's booties from when he was a baby for the baby blessing, Ethan wore them for his blessing as well. We hope to make it a tradition in our family
Some of Jason's good buddies...Ryan (left), Marcus (right).

Noah looked really cute in his blessing outfit...It was cotton and looks old fashion, he really was so sweet in it...He didn't really ware that had it didn't fit him as you can see but I had to get pictures with him waring it!:)
NOAH'S Birth announcement!!!
Just want to thank everyone for their support....we are so blessed to have such good friends and family!