Sunday, June 1, 2008

Family Time At "This Is The Place Heritage Park"

Saturday was a wonderful day!

We we're able to spend family time together, we decide to go to Heritage Park; which neither of us had been to. It was really a fun place and a great place to take Ethan. They have fun activity's and with each spot you visit you get a little bit of the history, which is my favorite part. Everyone is dressed in 18Th century clothing and treated us like we were they're neighbors. It was a lot of fun. Jason doesn't get too many day's off where we can go and do something special. The day was lovely! The only thing I must say was difficult is the fact that I'm about to pop this baby out in 4weeks and I was definitely feeling it. So if I look exhausted in the pictures its because I am!

Some of the working pioneer staff kept telling me I was crazy to be this far along and willing to get out of the house in the heat and with all the walking you have to do there. lol. I am hoping to have this baby a couple weeks early or at least right on time, I felt like this was just what I needed! The day couldn't have been sweeter!
Riding on the Train was MY favorite thing to do!

Ethan kept saying choo choo when seeing the train!

Ethan and Daddy!

Ethan got so excited to get into this 200 year old tub!

Ethan was so friendly to everyone he gave this pioneer a hug...So cute!

Ethan was able to print his first paper at the old deseret news!

This was his favorite thing! He was so adorable he would bow she would curtsy and they would dance a little jig. This went on for sometime, Ethan just loved it so much and we got a big kick out of it!

Playing at the old school house just loving to draw and behave himself!

Jason loved playing at the school house too...Young at heart!

What- you- doin!!!

Petting the animals...More pictures to come!

Ethan acted like this was his own little home, we couldn't drag him away!

I was huffing and puffing to get up these really steep stairs...not easy! lol.

Just loving the buggy ride!

Look at my big strong man!

I mean my big strong men!

Jason tried everything he actually did really really well at this!

Fun old-time games! Of course I sucked at it!

This Is The Place Heritage Park!

We had so much fun....I love family time!


  1. Annette, that looks so much fun. Jason seemed to be good at that game, I would have fallen over. Don't little boys just love train. BTW, I love your cute top.

  2. I'm glad you got to go there. It is such a fun place! I'm impressed you walked all around. I was tired after and I'm not prego!