Friday, June 13, 2008


Week 37!

On Sunday I will be 37 weeks and ever so anxious to meet our little one.

How I'm feeling: Well if you've ever been pregnant I probably don't even have to explain. I'm constantly tired and feeling huge every minute, I cant see my own feet when I stand up anymore and I can barley move from one place to another with out breaking a sweat. Although Ethan keeps me so active that I feel like I'm constantly working out but not reaping the body Not much longer to go though, I go into see my doctor every week starting this next week and I have my hospital bag packed and ready to go. Trying to prepare my self in every way for our little Noah !

Ethan talking to Noah!

I also added a clip on our Family Time Blog check it out!

I know some of you have already seen these photo's but I have a few friends that hadn't seen them. So here they are!

Ethan has been so adorable, I love him so much! He has been doing the sweetest thing lately.

I have been having A LOT of braxton hicks of course and every time I have one I will start to rub my belly. Ethan has started to come up to me and say "whats wrong, whats wrong" and comes over and softly rubs my belly with me and then he will say "okay"?! Its just too adorable!

Just loving the Baby!

Ethan was able to hold a baby girl for the first time this last Wednesday and I almost broke down crying it was so sweet to see, he just gazed at this little baby in such wonder and he kept holding out his arms to hold her over and over again. It was just so sweet to watch my little one be so loving . I know he's going to just love his little brother!

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  1. I love the video, ethan looks so cute. What is your delivery date and which hospital are you delivery in? I would love to come see you. lindsey