Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spiritual Inspiration

Tribute to the Missionary who baptized Jason!

Jason was baptized on May 7Th, 2000. Eight years ago! It has been such an amazing blessing in our lives to have the gospel. He was baptized by Elder. Sean Escobar(left) in Virginia during the Marine Corps. I was not able to be there but seeing this picture, I always felt like I was there. Jason and Elder Draper(right) made fun of Elder Escobar's ankle riding whites that day. lol.

I know this amazing moment in Jason's life was truly a magnificent one. My husband has been such a great example to me through out our marriage. I love how spiritual he is.

Jason just recently got in touch with Sean Escobar, we found out that he lives here in Utah. We got together with him and his family for dinner a few weeks ago and it was such a spiritual inspiration to me to meet the man that taught my husband the gospel and baptized him. As we were driving up to his home I was thinking to my self does this man have any idea what he has done for our family, It must be an amazing feeling to have help give someone the gospel and see how blessed they're lives turned out. I just kept thinking over and over again how wonderful that would be to see what an impact you made in someones life like that.

As I met Sean and shook his hand I felt so indebted to him but most of all so very grateful for his service to the Lord.
I was able to marry a wonderful man in the temple and start our family with him, a family that I am happy to say will receive the gospel, I am eternally grateful for the way our Father in Heaven works his plan.

We had a wonderful time at dinner that night, Sean has been married to his wife Crystal for almost four years and they have a little girl Ethan's age. It truly was a wonderful experience for me.

Ethan with his new buddies at the Escobar's house. He ended up loving this motor car so much he drove it until it got dark, we couldn't get him out of it. He had such a blast!

The Escobar Family. How grateful I am to have met them!

Quick UPDATE: 5/28/08 – Orem’s interview went great! Directly after the interview Jason was sent to another room where he was handed a large packet that started out with "Conditional Offer of Employment." So, he would have to pass a background check, medical exam, psychological exam, a polygraph exam, and also finish Paramedic school...but if he does all of those things, which will be easy for him, he will be given a job!
Provo’s testing went really good as well. He is going back for a chief’s interview on June 3rd. We are so excited about this one this is the department we want him to work for. He ranked #3 on there list out of 40 people, so I think he has a incredible chance to get it!

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  1. Annette- What a wonderful experience, and I'm sure it was cool for him to see Jason is still active and has a beautiful family!