Monday, July 28, 2008


Okay...Its been awhile since I blogged so this is long!!!



These past few weeks have been a little hectic trying to figure out how to balance two little one's has been trying, but its been so wonderful and really so much easier than I thought it would be.

Little Noah has already grown so much I can't believe it. I want to soak up every minute with him being so tiny I know how fast they grow.

Jason has been working so hard for all of us, he has been so amazing. He will go to work for a 48 hour shift and then come home and take care of me and the boy's. He is such a wonderful husband and father. Its been an adjustment for all of us, but he just loves being the daddy of two.

Noah at two weeks old. Sleeping during the day and staying awake at night is his favorite thing to do!

Ethan has been loving Noah so much, he will constantly check on Noah and give him kisses. Anytime Noah starts to cry Ethan will say SHH times he will get fed up and say HUSH! He loves him so much though. It has been an adjustment for Ethan though he has been more defiant and he's been testing out how to push my button's, the first week was the most difficult with that. He has calmed down though and I try and get my special time with Ethan so he knows he is so loved.

Ethan trying to help me out with the dishes, what a good son!

The very first time Noah sucked on his little thumb!

We had a block party with homemade ice-cream and fireworks. It was a lot of fun!
Ethan finally held sparklers and loved it!

Of course he's got to do snappers with daddy!
Family BBQ at my Mother's house!
Brittney with Noah so sweet!
Me with my baby sista and sweet little Noah!

HOORAY!!! HOORAY!!! Jason graduated on the 25Th of July and we are so proud of him!

Little Ethan saying cheese to the camera as he posses with Daddy!

Jason's family was able to be here for his graduation and it was so special to have them here!

The men that got hired on with Provo fire department with Jason, They're wives are sweeties and I already feel like there family! Congrats to them all!
We had our professional pictures taken of Noah for his birth announcements and we also took some family picture's these are just some that we took while our photographer was shooting and I think they are so cute I had to post them and show everyone!
Jason's Mom and Dad have been in town and its been so very wonderful to have them here! They have helped out so so much with everything and its given me a wonderful break.

Ethan and his Granddad! Ethan had so much fun with him that he barley wanted to hang out with anyone else!

Nana and little Noah, so sweet. Tricia helped me out so much. I pumped enough milk for one night and Tricia took over for me so I could get some sleep. It was so wonderful, I have the best mother-in-law ever!

Aunt Danielle and Noah. Enjoying every minute!

Not only did Jason's parent's loose sleep for a week they also bought us a beautiful double stroller which was the one thing we really needed! Thank you so much you guys for all your help and love. WE appreciate everything!
Its been a crazy few weeks but so wonderful at the same time and I just love being a mommy its the best job in the world. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family.

Friday, July 11, 2008



Well, Noah decided not to arrive on the 4Th of July but he finally said okay to the 5Th, I still will think of him as our little Yankee doodle dandy, he's beyond precious! Noah Preston Wassom was born at 9:41pm and his weight was 8lb 15oz 20.5 inch long and he is perfect!
Jason and I woke up on Saturday the 5TH of July determined we were going to have our baby that day, but we wanted me to go naturally. We went walking around the block more then a few time's, I swung on a swing, we went to the mall, I even tried to jog just a little bit! We were finally able to go to the hospital about 4pm and at 5:30pm I was dilated to a 5. When I saw my doctor I told him I hated He looked at me and said "why do you hate me you should be hating your husband" I was in so much pain I felt like I was hating everyone. when the doctor broke my water I went from a five to an eight in an hour and I had to make up my mind if I wanted the epidural or not, I decide to get it and I'm so glad I did. I was able to enjoy the last two hours of his birth. I really loved my experience this time around, it was wonderful. I had the best nurse ever she really made my experience awesome. She even got me a gift basket afterwards. She was great!

Flowers from my amazing husband!
Our growing family!
First time Ethan saw Noah. It was so precious!
All three of us right after I gave birth, Jason was trying to capture every moment!
Daddy and baby Noah!

On our way home from the hospital! Little Noah's very first car ride!
Noah at 5 days old!
The three greatest guys in my life!

Thank you to everyone for all your prayers we are so blessed to have had such a perfect delivery and such perfect children!



We celebrated the 4Th of July on the 3rd and the 4Th... On the 3rd of July we had a barbecue with the family and enjoyed food, family and fireworks. I made this yummy dessert pizza for the fam. Ethan was loving the popper snaps, he couldn't get enough of them.
Loving any kind of goody he can get his hands on to, he was enjoying the frosting from a cupcake.
Fireworks...always so much fun! Ethan did really well at first then the fireworks got really noisy and he was pretty scared by the end of it all! lol. He didn't want to try a sparkler this year maybe next year.
Ethan running to me, scared of the firecracker noise!
Enjoying the 4Th of July parade at 8am in the morning, it was all ready so hot I swear you could have fried an egg on the sidewalk. Jason was in the parade, he was dressed up as a dalmatian firefighter dog. It was so fun to see him in the parade!

I ended up having major contraction and feeling really dehydrated, after the parade my family and I started to walk back to the car and as I was pushing our stroller I ended up fainting. They called the paramedics and they rushed right over. They all new Jason and asked if I was his wife, they rushed me to the hospital and I ended up being dilated to a 4. My contractions didn't fully progress so they finally sent us home. It was an eventful 4TH of July.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


We went to Ethan's school's BBQ on Friday and had such a blast. It was a beautiful hot day, They had hamburgers, hot dogs, snow cones and cotton candy. Ethan of course loved all the sweets.

Ethan just loved playing on the blow up jumper, he's also starting to love posing for the camera:)

The Provo fire department came to the party and created a nice water park for all the kids and handed out fire hats. It was awesome! Jason tried to get Ethan to enjoy all the water but as you can see he freaked out when Jason suggested to go back in, I guess once was enough for him. It was funny to see because he just loves being in the water but I was told that it was freezing water, I was too chicken to find out for my self!

Anyway, It was a great BBQ and we all had a lot of fun... I really do love his school!