Tuesday, July 1, 2008


We went to Ethan's school's BBQ on Friday and had such a blast. It was a beautiful hot day, They had hamburgers, hot dogs, snow cones and cotton candy. Ethan of course loved all the sweets.

Ethan just loved playing on the blow up jumper, he's also starting to love posing for the camera:)

The Provo fire department came to the party and created a nice water park for all the kids and handed out fire hats. It was awesome! Jason tried to get Ethan to enjoy all the water but as you can see he freaked out when Jason suggested to go back in, I guess once was enough for him. It was funny to see because he just loves being in the water but I was told that it was freezing water, I was too chicken to find out for my self!

Anyway, It was a great BBQ and we all had a lot of fun... I really do love his school!

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