Friday, July 11, 2008



Well, Noah decided not to arrive on the 4Th of July but he finally said okay to the 5Th, I still will think of him as our little Yankee doodle dandy, he's beyond precious! Noah Preston Wassom was born at 9:41pm and his weight was 8lb 15oz 20.5 inch long and he is perfect!
Jason and I woke up on Saturday the 5TH of July determined we were going to have our baby that day, but we wanted me to go naturally. We went walking around the block more then a few time's, I swung on a swing, we went to the mall, I even tried to jog just a little bit! We were finally able to go to the hospital about 4pm and at 5:30pm I was dilated to a 5. When I saw my doctor I told him I hated He looked at me and said "why do you hate me you should be hating your husband" I was in so much pain I felt like I was hating everyone. when the doctor broke my water I went from a five to an eight in an hour and I had to make up my mind if I wanted the epidural or not, I decide to get it and I'm so glad I did. I was able to enjoy the last two hours of his birth. I really loved my experience this time around, it was wonderful. I had the best nurse ever she really made my experience awesome. She even got me a gift basket afterwards. She was great!

Flowers from my amazing husband!
Our growing family!
First time Ethan saw Noah. It was so precious!
All three of us right after I gave birth, Jason was trying to capture every moment!
Daddy and baby Noah!

On our way home from the hospital! Little Noah's very first car ride!
Noah at 5 days old!
The three greatest guys in my life!

Thank you to everyone for all your prayers we are so blessed to have had such a perfect delivery and such perfect children!


  1. yeah!! i have been waiting for the news. Congratulations! He looks great. I need you address still. email

  2. COngratulations Annette (from Lindi's sister Kari) Your family is beautiful. We just had a baby girl 3 weeks ago... same size!

  3. He's so beautiful Annette! Congratulations! I'm so happy you had such a wonderful experience! I just love being a Mom of two more than anything - I know you are going to love every minute! Once Mary moves into her new home next month (and your baby gets a little older), we should get together! Love your guts and Congratulations!

  4. He is so cute!!! And Ethan looks so cute with him... By the way you look amazing too... Love you, Tiff

  5. Annette Congrats! I hope the birth went well and Noah and you are happy and healthy. My sister in law just had a little boy two days ago. It is so exciting to see new babies and I can't wait til I have my own. I hope you are doing well. Linds

  6. Yes!! So happy for you. What a cute, sweet thing he is. Congrats!