Friday, July 11, 2008



We celebrated the 4Th of July on the 3rd and the 4Th... On the 3rd of July we had a barbecue with the family and enjoyed food, family and fireworks. I made this yummy dessert pizza for the fam. Ethan was loving the popper snaps, he couldn't get enough of them.
Loving any kind of goody he can get his hands on to, he was enjoying the frosting from a cupcake.
Fireworks...always so much fun! Ethan did really well at first then the fireworks got really noisy and he was pretty scared by the end of it all! lol. He didn't want to try a sparkler this year maybe next year.
Ethan running to me, scared of the firecracker noise!
Enjoying the 4Th of July parade at 8am in the morning, it was all ready so hot I swear you could have fried an egg on the sidewalk. Jason was in the parade, he was dressed up as a dalmatian firefighter dog. It was so fun to see him in the parade!

I ended up having major contraction and feeling really dehydrated, after the parade my family and I started to walk back to the car and as I was pushing our stroller I ended up fainting. They called the paramedics and they rushed right over. They all new Jason and asked if I was his wife, they rushed me to the hospital and I ended up being dilated to a 4. My contractions didn't fully progress so they finally sent us home. It was an eventful 4TH of July.

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