Saturday, June 28, 2008



Yes....38 1/2 week Pregnant and with just 12 days to go I am trying everything to bring on natural labor and it doesn't look like its going to happen early for me. I had a major energy burst today I don't know where it came from but I was able to do so much and still felt like I could do more.... I read that having a burst of energy is a good sign that labor is around the corner.

Jason took these pictures of me today and I was freaking out when I saw them. I feel like my belly looks like snoopy or some crazy looking snow
cone. I can't even express how anxious I am to go into labor even though I know that after the baby comes I'll be sleep deprived, a human spit-up rag and a diaper changing machine. But I am still looking forward to the bonding time! The 4Th of July is
next week and I'm hoping to enjoy all the festivities, but we will see if the baby wants to come out before then or not.

I can tell Ethan is getting supper excited about having a little brother around, he was holding my friends baby boy today and anytime she went to try and help or pick him up. Ethan was like "" once the baby started to fuss a little bit he would say "shh shh". Once the baby started to cry Ethan was almost yelling "hush hush". To cute for words, he just did not want to put her baby down. I think he is going to be so fun to watch with his little brother!
I have set a date for the doctor to at least strip my membranes hoping that it will help with putting me into labor naturally. I really don't want to have to be induced at all. The doctor wasn't even willing to strip my membranes any earlier then the 7Th mainly because of the holiday. Anyway, 1 1/2 weeks to go, no matter when it happens we are praying for a safe and healthy delivery.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Happy Fathers DAY!!!

One of the most special moments in my life was having
my dad at my wedding and sharing our daddy and daughter dance. He was so supportive of me and of my choice to marry and I truly felt the love he had for me. I guess I'll always be his
little girl!

Seeing my husband as a Father and holding his newborn baby for the very first time will be a beautiful image in my mind that I will never forget. He is an amazing Dad and I couldn't have chosen a better partner to raise my children with! I love how he is so much a part of his son's life!

Ethan with his wonderful Grandfather Shears. Ethan can't get enough of his grandpa, he loves him so much. Granddad Shears would do anything for little Ethan. He is honestly the best Granddaddy ever!!!

Thanks to all the Fathers in my life. What would I do with out you all!!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Week 37!

On Sunday I will be 37 weeks and ever so anxious to meet our little one.

How I'm feeling: Well if you've ever been pregnant I probably don't even have to explain. I'm constantly tired and feeling huge every minute, I cant see my own feet when I stand up anymore and I can barley move from one place to another with out breaking a sweat. Although Ethan keeps me so active that I feel like I'm constantly working out but not reaping the body Not much longer to go though, I go into see my doctor every week starting this next week and I have my hospital bag packed and ready to go. Trying to prepare my self in every way for our little Noah !

Ethan talking to Noah!

I also added a clip on our Family Time Blog check it out!

I know some of you have already seen these photo's but I have a few friends that hadn't seen them. So here they are!

Ethan has been so adorable, I love him so much! He has been doing the sweetest thing lately.

I have been having A LOT of braxton hicks of course and every time I have one I will start to rub my belly. Ethan has started to come up to me and say "whats wrong, whats wrong" and comes over and softly rubs my belly with me and then he will say "okay"?! Its just too adorable!

Just loving the Baby!

Ethan was able to hold a baby girl for the first time this last Wednesday and I almost broke down crying it was so sweet to see, he just gazed at this little baby in such wonder and he kept holding out his arms to hold her over and over again. It was just so sweet to watch my little one be so loving . I know he's going to just love his little brother!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008



Jason was offered a position with Provo Fire department today and we couldn't be more excited with the good news. Its been a long road waiting to get on the department. I am so proud of my hubby he is truly my personal hero but now he's a full-time hero for the city! He starts on June 30Th and he graduates with his third associates as a paramedic on July 25Th. He will have two more semesters left for his bachelor's.
This position couldn't have come at a better time with the second baby on the way its a wonderful piece of mind! I am so very grateful for all of Jason's hard work, he never stops! WE are also so grateful to our Heavenly Father for such a wonderful blessing!

This picture was taken two in half years ago at the draper station! Finally we are now full-timers!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Ethan's first day at school, I have enrolled him in an early education program. He goes to school two days a week in a structured environment for an hour. They work on language skills, they have music time, story time, snack time, play time. Its like a Minnie preschool to help him prepare. He had a bit of a hard time his first day but as you can see he had a blast as well.

After school we went to the pool and Ethan was so cute. We had to get out of the water for a safety inspection for 15 minutes and Ethan was not happy about that. He kept saying"lets go" with his frustrated face and voice.
Jason making fun of!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Family Time At "This Is The Place Heritage Park"

Saturday was a wonderful day!

We we're able to spend family time together, we decide to go to Heritage Park; which neither of us had been to. It was really a fun place and a great place to take Ethan. They have fun activity's and with each spot you visit you get a little bit of the history, which is my favorite part. Everyone is dressed in 18Th century clothing and treated us like we were they're neighbors. It was a lot of fun. Jason doesn't get too many day's off where we can go and do something special. The day was lovely! The only thing I must say was difficult is the fact that I'm about to pop this baby out in 4weeks and I was definitely feeling it. So if I look exhausted in the pictures its because I am!

Some of the working pioneer staff kept telling me I was crazy to be this far along and willing to get out of the house in the heat and with all the walking you have to do there. lol. I am hoping to have this baby a couple weeks early or at least right on time, I felt like this was just what I needed! The day couldn't have been sweeter!
Riding on the Train was MY favorite thing to do!

Ethan kept saying choo choo when seeing the train!

Ethan and Daddy!

Ethan got so excited to get into this 200 year old tub!

Ethan was so friendly to everyone he gave this pioneer a hug...So cute!

Ethan was able to print his first paper at the old deseret news!

This was his favorite thing! He was so adorable he would bow she would curtsy and they would dance a little jig. This went on for sometime, Ethan just loved it so much and we got a big kick out of it!

Playing at the old school house just loving to draw and behave himself!

Jason loved playing at the school house too...Young at heart!

What- you- doin!!!

Petting the animals...More pictures to come!

Ethan acted like this was his own little home, we couldn't drag him away!

I was huffing and puffing to get up these really steep stairs...not easy! lol.

Just loving the buggy ride!

Look at my big strong man!

I mean my big strong men!

Jason tried everything he actually did really really well at this!

Fun old-time games! Of course I sucked at it!

This Is The Place Heritage Park!

We had so much fun....I love family time!