Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Visit To See Santa, Making Snowman Cookies And Gingerbread houses!

We went with our friends the Whitaker's to go see Santa and then we went and decorate a gingerbread house... It was a a lot of fun!

Ethan was so excited to see Santa Claus he was thinking really hard about all the things he wanted to ask for. He is so excited for Christmas this year, he keeps saying "Santa's coming"and "open presents soon". He'll pretend to be old saint Nick by putting on his Santa hat and saying "HO HO HO Mewy Cwistmas"...Its adorable! These were the only pictures we were able to get with Santa and then our camera died on us, but Noah actually grabbed Santa's beard it was the sweetest thing ever!Here is our gingerbread creation, it was a lot of fun. Ethan and his friend Tycen had fun decorating a tree and a snowman and after that we couldn't keep them interested. They loved nibbling on the candy though!

My sister came over to help Ethan and I make my yummy snowman cookies, Ethan had a blast making these cookies. We delivered this batch to Jason's fire crew to wish them a Merry Christmas!

My cutie-pie sister!!
These yummy little candies have quickly become a favorite to make for the holiday's, not only are they yummy but so easy to make....
Cookie Dough Truffles!

If you love the taste of cookie dough you'll love these sweet treats! If anyone wants the recipe just let me know!

I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season, We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008



I love this time of year, no other holiday can beat the feeling you get during this time.
One of my favorite things to do, is to decorate for the holidays and to bake yummy goodies, nothing brings warmth into a home like homemade cookies and hot cocoa.... Jason and I love going and getting a Christmas tree and decorating it, than making sugar cookies and having hot chocolate, naturally with marshmallow's.
This year was particularly fun because Ethan loved being apart of decorating the tree and cookies. It was such a blast to fill our home with the Christmas spirit!
This tree has been the smallest tree that Jason and I have gotten in the past six years and I have to say, so far it's been my favorite one. Just perfect for our little condo!
Ethan was so excited to cut out his cookies... Every time mommy did it, he kept saying "I try, I try". He was trying to ask me nicely to stop stealing his thunder.

Ethan just loves making cookies, it's one of his favorite activities... I guess it's because he knows they'll be in his tummy soon enough!

Little Noah just enjoying the night, chillin on the floor, he is growing so fast! Soon enough he'll be sharing hot cocoa and making cookies with us!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Just wanted to wish Jason a Happy 29th Birthday! You're getting even better looking the older you get baby! I love you!
Happy Birthday Daddy We Love You!

Friday, December 12, 2008


“The world is moved along, not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker.”
Helen Keller

What does the word HERO mean!? By definition HERO means : One that shows great courage!
A hero can be even more than that.

Chuck Smartt, from Jason's fire department, started a program called "brother's in arms"... And their motto is honoring their brothers in LIFE by giving service!

We bought a home last month that needed way more than just a little maintenance pick-me-up. Jason has spent just about every minute of his off-time working on this house; and with two full-time jobs, full-time school, a family, and I hate to admit it but even a nagging wife from time to time.

He has accomplished so much on this house, almost entirely on his own. When he told me that help was coming from some men on his department my heart was filled with such gratitude. Most of these men also have more than one job and larger families and were still willing to take time out of their lives to come and help with the house. I know how relieving that has been on Jason, especially with finals going on at school this last week. I'm learning this very quickly; being the wife of a fire fighter and belonging to such an awesome department, that firefighter's are not just courageous, but selfless. Their strength and character is definitely not just in the name. I hope I can follow in their footsteps this holiday season.

I just want to send a thanks out to all those who have been so thoughtful in helping us with our home!

Chuck Smartt

Jeff Wise

Jeremy Headman

Ryan Waycasy

Peter Thorpe

Stan Andreason

Reagan Sinclair

Marshall Brough

Dave Yei

Kevin Peterson

Brittney Shaw

KayLee Shaw

Jessica Shaw,

and, of course, My mother.

I feel so blessed from our Heavenly Father for bringing such wonderful people in our live's, he truly takes such good care of us.


I haven't blogged in forever...This season has already been so busy!!!
We just got back from Texas, we were out there visiting Jason's family this last week we went to celebrate an early Christmas and it was so wonderful... I actually got time with my husband it was amazing, it was so good to see his family it really felt like Christmas out there even though we celebrated with them early... We went to visit Jason's grandparents as well as his aunt, uncle and all the cousins. They had a special Christmas dinner for us we felt so pampered, especially me my mother-in-law took Noah through out the night for two nights...It was heaven, It was such a lovely trip!