Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Our Anniversary!!! September 13Th, 2003

WOW...Its our fifth year anniversary, I can not even believe how the time has just flown by in so many ways...I have put together just a FEW pictures of our relationship for the past 9 years. With in these last 9 years we have had some very trying moments in our life which Jason will concur to.

Looking back on these nine years, I get tempted to write a novel of our love story but I'm definitely not the writer in the family.

I remember the first time I met Jason, I saw a few pictures of him first off and of course my sister couldn't stop telling me how good looking he was before I met him... I will never forget her telling me how much he looks like a GQ model and he really does. I will never forget the first time I saw him, he was looking so good standing in the door way of some sunset light he was wearing a white and tan button down shirt with it unbutton just enough to see the white t-shirt underneath...wahoo. The first time we met was pretty awkward though, we had spoken a few times on the phone and it seems like neither of us could stop talking when we were on the phone but when he showed up for dinner one night with his two younger brothers and my family around, I totally became shy for the first time ever. So the first date was a little awkward, on our second date he took me out to eat and to a movie which was a lot of fun and because he didn't call me on the third day I ended up missing him so much, first guy to ever play hard to get with me..lol. So by the third date we had our first kiss and that sealed the deal.

We had thirty days before he left for boot camp but that was enough time to make us want a life time together. We've had a long distant relationship through out the four years of him traveling in the Marines to: San Diego, Virginia, Arizona, Nevada, Japan, Kuwait and Iraq....Wow just writing it out I cant believe we made it through it all and I bet I missed a few.

This year for our anniversary we are going to read over as many of our love letters as we can...It will be like reading three books each...:)

Our engagement picture , Right before the wedding

This was one of the best days of my life, I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day!

Honeymoon! We celebrated in Monterrey Ca, and So Ca going to Disney Land and all that good stuff. I would still have to say that it was the best vacation of my life thus far!

Five years of marriage and still going strong, I feel so blessed for my wonderful husband and for what an amazing man he is, I can't say it enough he truly is my HERO. I am so grateful for our two precious angels, our son's are two of the best things we've ever done. I want my husband to know how much I love him and even though we have had mountains to climb in our 9 years together we have truly pressed through it harder and stronger, we're iron baby!!! I love you so much. Happy Anniversary!

I love our photographer!http://www.newlinephotography.net/

Pictures of the Four years before we got married!


Ethan's First Day Of Preschool!
Ethan started preschool on Monday and I can't believe it. It was hard for me to let him go in so many ways but he is loving it and getting so much out of it as well. I think my biggest concern was letting him ride a school bus to and from school with out me. Today was his first day on the bus and he loved it and I felt a lot more comfortable meeting the drivers. Their are no kid older then 4years old that ride the bus and they have 1 to 2 Ta's to take care of the kids and he has a seat belt harness that he's in... All these things have made me calm down a little bit, but it sure is hard to let go. He is all smiles when he goes to school and he's all smiles when he comes home, I know he is getting so much from it already, he just loves it.
I'm so proud of Ethan!