Thursday, October 23, 2008


We are in the process of buying a home....And we couldn't be more excited we could really use the space it has six bedrooms:)It happens to be the house I grew up in so for being thirty years old its had a lot of wear and tare from the former occupants....It needs A LOT of work and A LOT of love and care but it will be beautiful when we are all done.... Jason has spent his days off over working on the house and as you can see he has already done SO much to it....I have helped out as much as I can but he is pretty much doing it all by him self and its looking amazing. Let me know what you all think of the new COLOR!!!


Saturday, October 11, 2008


Our first Halloween Party!!!

I love Halloween its one of my favorite holidays...I always love going all out with my costume and now that I have kids I just love dressing them up. This was the very first year that we have all gone as a theme though and it was so much fun. If you cant guess we all went as the star wars clan...

Jason was of course Darth vedar Ethan was Luke sky walker, Noah was R2- D2 and I was Princes Leia... I went with her slave girl hair style because I couldn't fully pull of the ear bun style this year....Every one knew who I was so I guess it didn't matter and yes I'm still a Blondie. Our friends hosted the Halloween party...It was so much fun they had a fear factor contest which Jason almost won, Ethan tried to bob for apples but got to scared and Jason won the chubby Bunnie contest, he got seven marshmallows in his mouth it was impressive.
We had a lot of fun at our first party for the month, we have two more parties to go and of course trick or treating! Next year we are definitely going to host a Halloween party.... I think we might host a dinner mystery party here in February though for my birthday! I think it would be so much fun!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Wow...Its been a couple of crazy weeks!

My whole family went out to California for my sisters baby girls baby blessing and It was a crazy trip... But It was so wonderful to see my sister Tiffany and to finally meet my cutie pie niece... Tiffany definitely had her hands full with the whole family out there for the weekend and she was still willing to take care of my two boys for me for one of the nights so Jason and I could go and celebrate our anniversary! She is honestly the best sister ever, I love you Tiff you are the best, thank you so much!

Our road trip got kind of rough with two little ones but not all bad, I was really ready for a road trip! I think we all had fun!

Katie Sue and Noah Preston

100 % GIRL and 100 % BOY

They are only three weeks apart!

Ethan loven up his new cousin!

Katie Sue's Baby Blessing! She was so adorable! The blessing was beautiful!

Jason and I went up to Napa to celebrated our anniversary by getting spa treatments and enjoying bubble baths! Alone was lovely and it was my first night of uninterrupted sleep in 2 1/2 months that was an awesome present.